Embrace You Now

Embrace it. Own it. Live it. However you say it, say it with conviction and know that whatever it is, is you and you are enough. I know they may be simple phrases, but they are big too. They can be tough ideas sometimes, yes, but they are always so important and especially when we are young. If I were to keep it simple right now, I would just leave it at- you are enough, so embrace whatever it is that makes you, you; but, nothing is actually that easy so I will go on to say a few things on the idea of feeling like enough in this big, beautiful world we live in. 

So whether you are a barista or a secretary, that is enough. Or maybe you are doing something that you always dreamed of doing, but still feel a little underwhelmed and apprehensive as to where you are specifically, that’s ok and that is enough too. Whatever you are doing is enough, after all, life isn’t all about what you do from 9 to 5 (or whatever variation of those hours that you may happen to work). Life is about what you make of it. Life is about the experience and focusing on making lasting and life-altering moments out of the right here and right now.

It is ok not to be everything all at once, you are you and that is wonderful. You don’t have to do everything or see everything, right now. You can take your time, I know it is a heartbreaking thought, the idea of not doing everything you ever wanted in life, but I just want to say it is actually ok. In fact, I don’t think anyone does everything they ever wanted, that is part of the beauty of life, yearning. Yearning for another day, another adventure, another moment. So instead of fretting over the things we may miss out on, let’s all enjoy what time we have here and the many things we do in our own day-to-day life.  I know we all want to travel and do other lavish things and that is beautiful and magical itself, but more importantly is what we do here and now. It is more important to look at yourself daily and know that inside of you are a lot of miracles going on and new ideas formatting that are so out of this world. Inside of you is a whole spirit, so entirely different than anyone else’s and uniquely you. So, share it with others, share those ideas with anyone you can and be open to new ideas of others as they come too. Be content and even overwhelmed with where you are now and what you are striving for in the future.

Focus on the things that are important to you. Let those be the things that you base your life around and make your life choices to reflect. Stop thinking what you love is silly because it is not silly, it is your passion. I urge you, to take control and be as decisive as you can be as you get older with your moves. Don’t do things because everyone else is doing them, do them because they help you feel alive and fulfilled, that is how you truly accept yourself and become the best you possible.

Life is an adventure or rollercoaster or ride, or whatever other metaphor you prefer, they all have a similar common theme: Life is an ever moving event where we must embrace each moment happening and truly milk it for what it can be worth. So you are sitting on the couch right now and maybe watching your favorite sitcom, enjoy it. Nobody said that you have to be completely extraordinary all of the time, it can delightful and monumental to be kind of normal sometimes: To go get ice cream with your favorite niece or to take your dog for a walk and enjoy the time you have with your furry little companion. Whatever you are doing, do it with passion and do it in a way that is so radically your own that you enjoy every moment of it.

Here is what I wish to leave you with today:

  1. It’s ok to be a work in progress.
  2. Embrace who you are now.
  3. You are enough everyday, wherever you are.

What you are doing now is undeniably you, own it!

& Always remember, live lightly and love courageously my dear readers.


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