Indulge in your Passions

Life is busy. Sometimes it seems like there is no time for sleep let alone anything outside of work. It can be hard to find a balance of energy sometimes, between the things that we have to do, the things we feel obligated to do, and the things that we love to do. However hard it may be, this balance in life is crucial. It is a healthy balance that helps to make sure that we do not fall into a robot like state-of-being where we simply wake up, do stuff, sleep, repeat.

One of my goals for the last few week has been to focus. To truly take time and first think about the things that give me life and make me the happiest. Then to just focus on doing more of those things. To truly indulge in things that I appreciate, to make myself feel more well, myself. I have found that doing so has felt both relieving and rejuvenating. For these things that I have been focusing my energy on are the essence of who I am and in turn who I want to be more often.

Sometimes we push those things away and say belittling things about them, those things that we love doing most. We say things because of other people who may think they aren’t important and to them they may not be, that is ok. Your thing doesn’t have to be everybody’s thing and vice versa. Those intricacies are what make each of us more unique and special. Stop saying things about your passions or about other peoples passions like: “it’s stupid,” “it isn’t important,” or “I can do it tomorrow.” Instead, let’s say “it’s special,” it’s my thing,” and “I love doing it,” stop shying away from yourself or feeling selfish for doing things for you. I am an advocate that it is ok and more than that it is wonderful to do things for ourselves.

My list of things include:

  • Yoga
  • Playing with my dog
  • Making things: macrame, mugs, candles
  • Going to the beach
  • Exploring new places

What’s on your list? Whatever it is I am happy and hope that you look at those things as personal treasures to keep near and dear to your heart.

I admire those people who make time for the things that they love. I look up to people who are driven by their passion to do more things that make them feel alive. That is my type of people. We are all busy with this or that- jobs, housework, and other responsibilities, but what do you do for yourself. What do you do that lights a fire in your soul? Whatever it may be, do it more. Make time for things that are important to you, those are the things that life is all about those are the things worth doing in your life.

Don’t be afraid to take a day and go sit by the beach to just be. Or sit on your porch during a thunderstorm and read your go-to book. Or sit in your hammock nestled deep in the woods somewhere, where no one can find you and you can just breathe in the cool October air. Or do whatever the hell it is that really makes you feel the most content and happy about yourself because you deserve it damn it.

It is important to really focus on what you love, to milk it and give those few things the majority of your energy. Don’t feel like you have to love everything or be good at everything, it is nonsense to think that any one thing is for everyone. Love what you love, and appreciate others for the different things that may bring them joy.

A few thoughts I hope you will all take with you:

  1. Stop feeling obligated to do so much.
  2. You are never too busy for what you love.
  3. Do more things that light a fire in you.

See you next week and like always live lightly & love courageously my dear readers.

2 responses to “Indulge in your Passions”

  1. Mindfulness! Such an important part of purposeful living.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, it is so important to live deliberately and purposefully. Thanks for reading A!


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