Love your Skin Now

If I could just lose 5lbs by next week. If I could just get rid of this nasty muffin top. If only, if only,  if only we could just love ourselves now! If only we could stop putting these contingencies on our own self-acceptance. These ideas that we would finally be happy if we made these small changes, but that isn’t how life should be. Life should start with each of loving ourselves, now!

Accept your body as it is today. I beg you, each of you to do more things from self – love. You are absolutely amazing, each of your bodies is so unique and diverse, with intricacies that I can only begin to understand. A little secret, the most beautiful people don’t have everything, but they carry themselves knowing that what they have is enough. I find that confidence and self-appreciation are beautiful.

It’s therapeutic to let go of trying to be someone else and to fully accept who we each are now. To accept those little imperfections that crooked smile, muffin top, birthmark, whatever it is that you can’t stop trying to hide. Why? It is each of those little pieces of us that are the most magical and the most intriguing. They are the things that we should be highlighting, that makes us each so incredibly special. So start being proud of who you are, of the freckles, the crooked teeth, and even the bushy eyebrows. My hope is that we all can see how beautiful our wonderous body`s truly are today and how they always have been. It saddens me to see so many friends who are constantly tormenting themselves over weight loss or other body shaming exercises.

I am not saying we shouldn’t make new goals or even that sometimes those goals won’t be to be healthier and maybe lose some weight. By all means make new goals to make yourself healthier, to be a better you, but let’s do those things out of self-love instead of personal torment and self-destruction. I know it is easier said than done and that I too fall victim to self-criticisms often, but today I challenge you to look in the mirror and focus on what you see that you like most. Say “I love my eyes” or “I like the way my butt looks in these jeans,” your body is endlessly complex and breathtaking. Let’s build ourselves up like John Mayer said “your body is a wonderland” so own it, and love it!

  1. Love your skin
  2. Tell yourself compliments
  3. Stop being so hard on yourself

Most importantly, always live lightly and love courageously my dear readers.

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