Know Your Happy Place

Where do you go to escape it all? What is that one sacred place to you in life? Is it somewhere specific? Is it the idea of somewhere? Can you go there and escape a Tuesday just in your mind? Even just for a few minutes indulge with me where ever it may be for you.

For me, I’ll take you to the water, to the beach, to the ocean. Ever since I was a little girl the water has been one of my favorite weekend excursions. Whether it was going out on my dad’s boat to one of the many lakes scattered through West Michigan. Or it was going to visit my beloved aunt in Florida where we would swim together for hours in the pool at her retirement community.

As I got older I got to go to the water seemingly less and less. Weekends got busy with other things, jam-packed with work sometimes and cleaning other times. So now moving across the country to a totally new place where I know nearly no one and I get to rebuild my life in a new setting. I have made the decision to do those things more that set my soul free, one being to be near the water more and get back to those roots of mine. What better place than the OC to do that, right? With those endless shorelines and mild temperatures year round, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

No matter how you spin it, the water is my happy place. I am into those chill days listening to the waves crash all around me. Those are the days made for me with each crash I let go a little more of whatever the week dealt me and remember how small those moments are and how important this time truly is to my soul. I hope where ever you go to feel free, you go there more and you truly soak it all up.

Best water in my world (so far):

  1. Anywhere in Laguna Beach with John and Russ
  2. Duck lake on my dad’s boat fishing & tubing all day
Russ & Jess
Laguna Beach, CA PC: John- he takes the best pictures

As always live lightly and love courageously dear reader.

  1. Agreed to magic at Duck Lake! Priority placed on determining how your day will be before it starts. Think riding waves rather than letting them wash over you. Do not wait and see, decide to be the agent of the positive, choose.

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