I want to shatter this idea of FOMO for once and for all, for anyone who hasn’t heard this term it means “fear of missing out.” I think we can all say we have had times in life where we felt this way, it’s a bad feeling too. Typically developing at times when we are younger and still trying so hard to fit in with others around us.

So many times, when we are bored specifically, we grab our phone and check whats going on with our friends, relatives, and even celebs. We look at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, all of it, desperate to see what is going on for someone else.

It’s both a blessing and a curse to be able to stay so connected to others in such an intimate way. There are those lonely night’s where we spend time facetiming our besties from back home because we are homesick and that is such a wonderful opportunity. Then, on the flipside, there are those times when we sit surfing the web on a perfectly good Wednesday night just because we can and we get lost in it. Before we got tangled up in our phones we had plans to read and write, maybe do a little yoga only then to have wasted the majority of our night on Pinterest looking at gifs of corgi butts. I get it, they’re cute! Let’s try something a little more productive, make a list of nighttime rituals, here’s a quick example.

Things to do every night:

  1. Brush your teeth.
  2. Unplug
  3. Remember what you are grateful for in life.

The fear develops when we start diving into the idea that our life isn’t good enough and that what we are doing is insignificant. This is a dangerous cycle to get wrapped into this constant need to know what celebrities are doing, what our neighbor is doing, what Bob from HomeGoods is doing. That is when the unhealthy part develops, the comparison, starting small with oh that would be great to be there and doing that today. Then developing into a sick fascination with what specific people and brands are doing and why it is so much better than what we are doing. Well before we get too deep into all of that, please just stop!

Let’s start a new thing, we can call it H3WH: Happy With What We Have. Let’s try to break the cycle, it’s a hard one. I challenge you to be happy for others without envying them. If you find that hard to do and find that you are envying them for something whether it be where they live, what they wear, or what they do, to make a change in your own life. If you are unhappy with your life choices, change them, you can make a rip current in your own ocean. Believe it and drive it to happen. Study something new. Make something new. Wear something new.

Stop living in this fear, in this constant thought that something is better and someone is having more fun. That may be true, but then there are times when the opposite is true as well where you are living at a high point in your own life. Life is a rollercoaster and each of us walks it at our own pace. Enjoy your specific path and appreciate others different life choices that will lead them to other lands and different sunsets. They each can be beautiful and as unique as we choose.

A quick thought for where this developed: FOMO- an idea developed to help make us feel irrelevant used in social media by marketers to sell events, products, ideas.

The simple truth of the matter is no one can do everything, so stop fearing it and start embracing what you can do.

As always, live lightly and love courageously my dear readers.

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