Optimism is Brave not Naïve

I believe that one of the truly brave things you can do is to wake up and be optimistic, to go into each day with the desire for it to be life-altering. Just by going into the start of your day this way, you will truly allow endless possibilities of things to happen. Keep an open mind. Stay positive and positive things will happen.

To me, it conflicts with karma when someone is dark and gloomy all the time when they continue to look at the world with a cruddy demeanor like everyone is out to get them or they are all alone. I know some people are like this seemingly not by choice, but I am here to argue that the choice is always yours to make. To me, it is strong and admirable to be soft even in hard situations. To be soft when someone is not towards you.

I am sure some think that I have a rosy outlook on life because nothing has happened to me and I am just another spoiled young lady. Well, that ain’t true. To assume that about me is weak on your behalf, not mine. I don’t need to show you all of my scars to make them real. By being tough and finding good moments in tough times I think that is one of my greatest gifts.

I have dealt with things, but I know that even so another day will come and you can either choose to embrace that or resent that. The choice is yours, you can never undo your past, but you will also never get this moment back, and the future is sure as hell not guaranteed. One thing that is for sure, you make the choices in your life that change the outlook. So go out there and make some huge choices: choose to move- across the street, across the country, hell across the ocean. Or maybe decide to stop running and start accepting and truly enjoying where you are, whatever you do, the choice is yours.

Choose wisely.

Most importantly, always live lightly and love courageously dear reader.

  1. Optimism is brave and better for you health-wise for sure. I do think some of this was simplified, but overall agree. You do have a choice about your attitude and outlook, but some mental illnesses affect thinking so much that it really is more difficult/less of a choice. It is much easier for some people to chose to be positive (the more privilege you have). Some of us are just starting ahead of others so to speak. Like way easier for us verses someone living in poverty. Our experiences and environments shape us, including our brain makeup. Neurons fire differently and different brain pathways are created. So it really is harder biologically even for some. Anxiety alone creates negative thoughts as part of its disease. Anyway those are my thoughts as a thirty something woman.


    1. You are right, there are things out of our hands- mental disorders are very serious. You are definitely the expert when it comes to the biology behind all of this. I just know how I feel and sometimes it is anxious and overwhelmed as well.


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