Start Today

Start Today

Start your new chapter today.
Today is the day to start making dreams come true.

Are you looking forward to doing something in the future? What future, when? Put some time frames up and make that good stuff happen.

Start making small steps towards those life goals of yours, after all, who is holding you back? I think we all know the answer to that- it’s you. So cut it out. Let yourself explore those things that interest you today, who says you have to wait?


My Hero

One of my dearest friends is a great example of a goal- getter, she started making her dreams come true and she isn’t quitting until they are a reality. She is a constant rock in my life who is dedicated to making her dreams a reality. Sure, it isn’t easy. Hell, it seems impossible sometimes I’m sure to her, but she is ever wavering with her desire to live the life she dreamed. She is working full- time at a job she doesn’t always love, going to school also full-time, and oh yeah, taking care of her loved ones all the while. She is what a real hero is and someday, she is going to be the best damn nurse in her neck of the woods. I will be there cheering her on still, as I always have and always will.

She is a rockstar. She is a goal- getting, girl power, hard worker.

Don’t forget

I think you can be anywhere you want to be, give it a year and a little effort. Who knows maybe you’ll be in love, in a new city, in a whole new chapter of the big book of you. Maybe this will be the chapter that you have been looking forward to your whole life too. Or maybe this will be the chapter you learn to stand up and take what you want.

Making dreams a reality

Now I am not saying you have to pack everything up and skip town to make your dreams come true. Right where you are there is so much beauty, right where you are can have so much love and hope. Feed that hope, with desire and hard work towards whatever your greatest desires are because you deserve it, sweetheart.

You can reach the stars if you just keep stretching. Find your lucky little shamrock and seize the moments you have here. Luck will find you if you keep calling its name. No, not luck, blessings will find you. Put your heart into something you believe in and the most beautiful things can happen.

I want to see what your lovely little heart desires. I wish you all of the best, in embracing your best self and your wildest desires. You absolutely can make those happen, but first, you have to believe in them yourself.

Snag those dreams and start running with them!

Pursue your Dreams


Best to you and as always live lightly and love courageously dear readers, you have a whole big life to live.

15 responses to “Start Today”

  1. Well said – I tend to be a bit of a slacker when it comes to doing things that I need to do, but recently I’ve been kicking myself up the butt a lot more and just forcing myself to do what needs to be done… And I feel so much better for it! I have so much more time and energy, and I feel tons more fulfilled even for accomplishing the simpler tasks.

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