Know your Goals

Run, run, run.
Go, go, go.
You have to do this, you have to do that.

In our culture today, it feels like we have put this huge stigma on being busy. In a world where we see almost everything that is going on in so many other peoples lives, it can be overwhelming.

Daily Pressures

We have so many different things putting pressure on us to do everything. Pressures to be everything.

I know it is hard to not get wrapped up in this big world. The seemingly endless opportunities to stay busy. Yet, this is why I think it is most important to take a step back from the chaos and refocus. Remember to breathe and then learn the art of prioritizing.

Busy and haphazard

Some days I feel like I can’t breathe I have so much to get done. I feel like I am drowning the moment I wake up, just thinking about the many things on my to- do list.

I wake up late, I didn’t plan ahead the night before. Now, I have added stress, then forced to do more in the morning with a more limited amount of time before my day.

I am sure we have all been here. Not taking time to do what we want to for ourselves and instead of having trouble weeding through our lengthy self-made to- do lists. Well, let’s take a moment and figure out our core issue here. I believe it is a one-word solution.


I know it can seem like one of those things, easier said than done type of solution, but I want to challenge that. Why is it not this easy?

I have a secret to let you all in on, those to-do lists are never really complete. As soon as you cross one thing off of it, you already added 5 more things to do.

You know what else? That’s ok. Be grateful. So many of the things we look at negatively could be so much easier if we merely flipped our way of thinking a little.

The to-do list is never complete and who cares.

As a society I think busy is smiled upon too much. Why must we fill every moment of the day with meaningless things to do? Can’t we be content doing the things that matter to us, instead of clogging our day with things that aren’t important to us?

Stop trying to do everything.

Start doing what you want. I know what a crazy idea. Do what you want to do, it sounds like such a new age idea, right? An idea that little kids dream of doing. Well, that’s the best part, it can be as simple as that. What you dreamed of doing when you were growing up, why can’t that be your reality?
It can be, and maybe it should be for more of us.

In a world full of chaos, one must learn to focus.

Stop moving for a minute and concentrate. Make a list of things that you truly want to do, that you need to do and live to do. Now do those things and let the other BS fall by the wayside, at least as much as you can.

Make a list of priorities in your life.
Draw out a list of your typical daily routine.

Do they align?

If not, start making small changes in your life today to help them align more. I think you will quickly be relieved you made these changes to make your dream life a reality. Make sure to have a year goal, or a 5-year goal and even a life goal!

Goal- getter

Tell me all about yours?

I can’t wait to see what big, huge things you make happen in your life today.
When you do the things that you love, you radiate beauty. When you radiate, you start to send those vibes into the world. That’s when the universe brings you right where you need to be, right where you want to be.

Most importantly, as always live lightly and love courageously dear readers.

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