Cliff over looking the Pacific Ocean


I believe you get what you give. So this year I plan to give it my all and see how far it can take me.

There is a lot that comes from putting intentions out into this vast universe of ours. Every opportunity starts with something small that will drop into one massive ocean and just might create a wave of change in your life if you let it.

New year, same me. What a true statement, but as the same me, I will be setting new goals that I will be striving to achieve as this new year begins.

If you too are like me, a dreamer and someone who is always striving towards goals, feel free to share them with me. I love to hear what drives people, what helps them stay motivated and accomplish big things in their life.

So here they are friends, a small list of big intentions that I will be focusing on this new year of 2018.

Good things come to those with solid intentions.

Personal Health

Sitting Silently
Let peace in.

More yoga

Turn yourself upside down.

Look at the world in a new light, you never know what you may find from that angle.

I want to master a few poses that I have been working on now for a while. I want to take time to have a more consistent practice. One where I can immerse myself in my journey through self and the art of being present in my practice.

Eat Smarter

I like to think of diet as fewer restrictions to what I can’t consume and more moderation of what I want to consume. I never want to feel guilty for something I eat. Instead, I just plan to choose healthy and nourishing options more often.

Add more veggies to everything. Drink more water. Simplicity is key.

Restorative Time

I want to take more time for peace and quiet this year. I have a lot of energy, I’m going to focus it on different things this year. Taking a bath at least once a month, it can be such a replenishing time for our body and souls.




This Christmas my grandmother gave me her most sacred possession- her backpack. She used it to trek her way through South America and deep into the Amazon where she experienced so much life. If this bag could talk it would have quite a story to tell and I just can’t wait to add to its many pages.

I have never gone backpacking myself. So short trips will be a good start for this year. Can’t wait to share where this bag will lead us, what forests and animals it will see from my back. Who knows where we might end up, maybe in the middle of the desert watching the sunset or deep in the Redwood Forest with trees as old as my great- grandfather surrounding us. Wherever it is, I know it will be an adventure worth telling.


I live in such a diverse state, there is a never-ending list of things to do. It’s hard to know where to start. Everyone I meet has new ideas of what their favorite place is here and what should be next on our list of adventures. How lucky is that! Endless new possibilities.

So now to continue looking around every corner of this growing map and to find the next unknown.


Trains, ancient cities, mountains, and the Mediterranean. What’s not to look forward to? So much to learn about such historic and monumental places. Our plan for this year includes my first trip abroad.

Creative Progress


I want to take more time to dedicate to writing. Journaling and continuing to write when I feel inspired or when the mood strikes.

Similar to writing I hope to read more. To want to find something new each month and read what someone else has to share with the world. There is so much out their to learn if we all just open our ears a little while to new ideas and others perspectives.



I enjoy knots.
What can I say?
I am kind of a knot lady. After all, I think everything deserves a cozy little sweater to nestle up in for those long cold nights.

I hope this year to figure out a few new patterns to share with everyone. I am working on one currently that I can hardly wait to share, as long as I don’t get all knotted up in it.

I hope this year to be in a few more craft shows, that was such an enjoyable experience.


This year I plan to find somewhere I can volunteer and help on a regular basis. Helping others is one of those things that never gets old and only gets better with time.

I want to send more cards and do more thoughtful things for my loved ones back home to share how special each relationship I have is to me. As well as nourishing new relationships I am developing and hope to see flourish.

In general doing more things in love and with love and kindness always. I think that is very important in life.

Power of Intention

All in all, I hope you let yourself dive into the wonder of what a new year can bring to your life. Don’t let your goals dull. Keep them somewhere near and dear to revisit often. For me, I am leaving mine here, so I can see them and put my ideas out into the world to help seed change and continued growth in my life.

I know that this year is going to be another grand chapter for each of us. I can’t say exactly what it holds and I can’t say that it will be all good things either. I will be taking this year in strides with clear intentions of what I want out of life and I hope that you will join me in living intentionally.

I know this previous year has been my favorite year yet. While also being my most challenging and at times I felt really over my head. It is funny how things turn out like that sometimes isn’t it? I guess that is what they call growing pains.

I wish you all the best in your new year. Keep your intentions clear and you will be unstoppable.

Most importantly, as always live lightly and love courageously dear readers.


  1. Yep keep goals sharp, and flexible as you continue to learn and grow. About those Redwoods….1,000 years old for the “grown up’s” think great times 25 to 30 generations just plain amazing!

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