Take a Day

This afternoon I am home. Sitting with my feet up and away from my typical workday. As much as I hate to call off, some days it is necessary.

Nose running, muscles aching, and head almost completely filled with mucus. Gross I know, just illustrating where my body is at.

On the other hand, I am enjoying my time. I am alone, at home, away from the office for the day.

You could really call today a mental health day just as much a sick day. I don’t think they are that different anyways. As I sit at home in my sunlit apartment, it’s a warm day in Southern California I find myself at peace. Most of this morning and afternoon I have been sitting in complete silence actually.

Silence, something that I so often forget about. Well no, that is kind of bullshit. I don’t forget about it, I just forget how rejuvenating it can be for my soul.

I run away from it a lot. I turn the tv on when I am relaxing, I talk nonstop to those around me. I put music on. All of which is completely normal most of the time. Today though, today I needed this, I needed to rest, restore, re-center, and replenish my inner psyche.

We all need this sometimes and should listen to our bodies more. Loosen up. Pause. Enjoy the chance at solitude.

Happy plants

I went out on to my porch and looked at the plants. Think about what little they do in a day, yet they seem to radiate joy when the sunshine hits them, don’t they? Maybe that is what we all need sometimes, just a little bit of silence, a little bit of sunshine, and a day to just breathe.

I hope you too will take a day when you need one. To let go of your ego and the idea that life won’t go on without you. Instead, think about how much better life will be when you allow yourself to take a step back and breathe. So take my advice or don’t. I know I will be going back to work tomorrow rested, calm, and feeling centered in who I am.

Hopefully, a little less congested and with fewer aches.

  1. Sunshine heals everything.
  2. Give yourself a break damn it!
  3. Stop filling all of the silence in your life and start soaking in the moments of solitude.
  4. Most importantly, as always live lightly and love courageously dear readers.

  1. Love this idea! Sunny days instantly boost my mood! Unfortunately, it’s darker in the winter months where I live and so my succulents are dying but they usually bounce back during the summer months! 😉


    1. That’s great, I am glad you can relate. I hope your succulents bounce back happier than ever too! It is a weird bubble of sunshine over here in SoCal, I dig it but am surprised.


  2. I also have a few succulents, easy to maintain my kind of plant. Having moments of silence to clear your mind of proximal concerns, I find helps me stay focused throughout the day. Especially when we are over saturated with tech like our phones ,tv, and computers that can distract so easily.

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    1. You are so right, there is a high amount of noise in the world that can be hard to sift through for the good stuff. Taking moments away in peace help me greatly, glad to hear I’m not alone!

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