Pathways through Life

Find Your Path

It’s a big world out there. I hope you don’t feel trapped in it anywhere. We create our own limits in this great big world.

Let go of your limits.

Our biggest fears we try to protect against with safety nets and false senses of security. We hold on so tightly to things. We damn near suck the life out of some things all in hopes to help us remain the same and feel a sense of normal.

We want to stave off all of those big ideas of what could be. When really, whatever those fears may be that we let hold us back, they are still out there. The more we try to protect against the more highlighted those fears can become.

Never ending Rolling Hills

Whether you are afraid of being alone. Or you are afraid of losing a best friend. Or you are afraid of the world changing around you and that you won’t be able to keep up.

None of those ideas are going away, just because you try to hold on so tightly to relationships or jobs or a facade of who you think you should be.

You live life on your own path, self- guided out here in the depths of the wilderness. But hey, I hope you find a few other trails you love through other forests just as lush and wonder-filled as your own.

Open your ears & Close your mouth

Maybe even find a few seeds to bring back to your open trail you are making to help enlighten your own more. Otherwise, It might get lonely out there.
Just remember to water the trees and flowers along your own path on the way.

The world has a strange way of manifesting so much when we nourish ourselves and those around us. In retrospect, the world gets nothing from those times where we are caught holding on too tightly to someone else while they wander along their own path. The best we can do is hope to walk alongside and support each other as best we can against wolves, de-foresters, and the weather alike. Maybe even bring in a few of our own flowers to our neighbor’s trails.

So bring some water and leave behind your trimmers and judgment, because you don’t need to change someone else’s forest to make your own safer. Just grow your own and water it generously.

The world is full of infinite roads, rivers, and paths start wandering and see where it takes you.

As always, live lightly and love courageously dear readers.

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