Quick Thoughts on Finding my Groove Again

Sometimes you fall out of rhythm. You hit a bump and you have trouble rolling with it. Even if you see it coming from a mile back you can’t seem to steer around that damn banana peel.

Turning banana peels into ‘shrooms

That’s about where I am today. I’m learning that sometimes you get into a great rhythm. While also sometimes you get sick and you can’t seem to sing that same tune for a little while.

That’s when it’s time to really stop. Refocus. So we can keep on grooving to our favorite melody: stronger and louder than before.

Stop and Visualize your Dreams

I was on that new year grind. Well no I wouldn’t say that, I was on that end of year grind. But then, somehow even with moving to California and I still have those lazy winter vibes.
I have no excuse, really! It’s averaging about 70° here and sunny still, constantly.
I say this to shame myself in a public place.

So I can’t blame the weather. I guess I have to blame myself for letting some of my regiment slip.


My loving and supportive boyfriend seems to have noticed that I am feeling out of my groove too. He loving logged on to this very page to “read my latest post” knowing damn well that I didn’t have one (after all he is my number one fan and an email subscriber).

So I think that is just the Swift kick in the bum I needed. How about you readers? Do you need a reminder to get out there and do what you set out on your personal journey to do?

PSA: What You do Matters

If so, I hope this will be a public notice to get out there and live the life you want to.
To make more things.
To experience more.
And to think deeper about those big, huge, important ideas.

Shop local. Think sustainable. Recycle. Reuse. Refurbish… Read a book. Do it all. Stop saying you are going to and do it.

This world is slipping away from us, pick up the trash and help our lovely planet to stay wonderful and lush.

End of my rant/ kick myself in the arse/ I’m ready to do this post.

As always, live lightly and love courageously dear readers.

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