Charity Water

What do you stand for?

Water. Something we all need and yet so many do not have access to clean safe water. Well I believe that we can help. Together we can make a change, by standing up for something together we can make a difference.

We can make a greater stand when standing for something rather than against.

What are you going to stand up for? What are you going to start doing to make a change in this world today- for the positive.

So today, that’s what I am doing.

I started a campaign for Charity: Water.

This organization works to establish systems in other countries and areas that struggle with the most fundamental of necessities- access to clean drinking water. This charity specifically has funded well over 25,000 clean water projects.

Some women travel miles to get clean water for their families. Some travel hours a day to reach water to bring back to their villages that isn’t even truly clean or safe, but it is what they have access to.

This organization works to help change that.

Man gazing at water

The world is seeming infinitely covered by water. Yet we struggle. This is something that we can help to change and I’m ready to take a step.
Are you with me?

1 out of 10 people do not have access to clean drinking water.

Here they donate 100% of their proceeds to help this cause.
Also, I will be able to track for us, as a team, where the money we raise will go specifically. They will send us information and pictures of the area that we are able to help with the money we raise. How cool is that?!

Radically You

I want this brand to be more than just a fun and cute way for me to sell products that I enjoy making. I want this brand to stand for something, to stand with something.
That something is going to start with this, money raised for water.
I am pledging to donate 10% of my sales to this very worthy cause. I also am happy to have any other donations to help to achieve my goal of $500 by the end of summer.

Charity water

Be the Change

I hope that you will join me to help make a difference. It might be just a start, but everything starts somewhere. Who knows where tomorrow might lead us. We are capable of great things when we come together.

How can you support?

  • Donate directly to cause
  • Buy from my Etsy
  • Buy from me directly
  • Start your own campaign

Whatever you do, I hope you get involved. Get inspired. Be the change.

I believe in change.

As always, live lightly and love courageously my dear reader.

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