Travel Planning

Well, I have been fairly busy trying to plan for the summer.
Who else is getting excited?
It is right around the corner, it feels like time is sneaking up on me quickly.

First on my summer list is traveling abroad for my very first time ever!
Looking for advice as well.

Things I have thought to prepare about…

  • Foreign currency
  • Notifying bank that I will be internationally traveling
  • Electrical converters
  • Passport
  • Battery pack for my phone

Things I don’t know about…

  • traveling between countries via flying.
  • How long should I give myself at the airport to get baggage checked?
  • Are the hoppers between countries comfortable?
  • What are the trains like?

Is there any other big advice that you would give for what not to do or what to do while international that I wouldn’t think of, being a newbie?

Where will I be?

  • France
  • Switzerland
    • Zurich
    • Zermatt
  • Italy
  • Spain

This is my first International exploration. I think I have been building this up in my head for as long as I can remember and in a few short weeks, it will all be coming to fruition.

I feel like such a lucky gal.

I am most looking forward to time spent with loved ones. John’s parents will be joining us on this our latest adventure. Also, my best friend, Taylor and her lovely boyfriend who both live in Spain will be joining us on the last leg of our trip. They have offered to show us around their lovely city, I can’t wait to experience more of their daily life.

Glacier Express

Life’s all about the journey, not the destination. That’s why we will be taking the famous Glacier Express through our time in Switzerland. This lovely train takes us along the winding mountain range of the Alps and invites us to experience the land of Switzerland all across its lovely countryside filled with winding bridges and dark, unknowing tunnels.

Who knows what we might see- a wild ibex, a marmot, or maybe even a cunning fox if our eye is sharp enough. What I know for sure. We will see many small villages all along the ride thru our windows that let us get up close and personal with the Swiss mountainside in a new and intimate way.

Wish me luck, here goes nothing.
Off on my next adventure.

As always dear reader live lightly and love courageously, until next time.

P.S. Sorry no Europe pictures… YET!


7 responses to “Travel Planning”

  1. Wow! That’s a great list for summer traveling! Jealous and looking forward for the posts!

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    1. I can’t believe we are getting to go to so many great spots! We are going to do our best to take in every bit of it!

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  2. My trip to Italy was amazing and lived up to all my expectations! You’ll have a great time! I watched a lot of movies on the plain and only slept a little. Be ready for my mom to always be talking about where the bathrooms are, hah. She did that on our trip. My dad likes to be early on things, not a slow going guy.

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    1. Hahah, thanks for the insider scoop. I will make sure to speed myself up, I can be pretty slow so that is a good heads up.
      Hopefully, we will have easy access to restrooms while we are there. Haha.
      They will just have to deal with me trying to get pictures of everything and drink as much coffee as we can find. 😊


  3. I always heard taking the train between countries is better than flying.
    You need to get to the airport 3 hours beforehand for an international flight and 2 hours for a domestic flight.
    I wish I was going! That sounds like a great trip!


    1. Thank you for the help. Do you know if it is suggested to give 2 hours between European countries as well?

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      1. Since everyone has TSA now, I would suppose so. Maybe somebody that lives over there would know better. 😀

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