Cali girl

West Coast: First Year!

Well. Well. Well.
It has officially been a year since I took the leap and moved to the West Coast with my love. So what has changed and happened in a year?
A whole hell of a lot.

California Dreamin’

We have been all over.
We are so lucky for all the weekend trips that we have taken, what an adventure it has been.
We have found a neighborhood that we really like and are in the process of moving into. It is artistic and packed with restaurants and events on the weekends. Looking forward to placing deeper roots here.

Adventure Awaits

What have I loved most about our move here?


A. Crystal Cove- A trail system that lines the coast and dips between valleys throughout this lovely State Park. You can peak at all of the nearby Laguna Beach houses and all of their luxurious style.
B. Top of the World- A lovely view of Laguna all around.
C. Palos Verde Estates- Cliffs along the Ocean, North of Long Beach.

Hike California
Palos Verde


It’s Cali, there is no shortage of beautiful coastline to explore. We have gone to so many great ones I’ll just give you the list of my top few here. I am an Aquarius, so I am most definitely a water baby. Not to mention that my parents have pretty much raised me on the lakes of Michigan. So this is a fairly natural progression for me.

A. Crescent Bay
B. Heisler Park
C. La Jolla Cove

Laguna Beach

Weekend Trips

A. Santa Barbara
B. Palm Springs
C. Joshua Tree

Coffee Break
Santa Barbara

Lifestyle fast and everchanging. Still figuring it out, but then again we all are, right?

As always dear readers, live lightly and love courageously, until next time.

And a whole lot of other stops along the way…


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