Majestic snow-capped mountains surround me as I stand near a clear river in the heart of this historic city. It is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit out today, across the river at one of many local swimming spots I see people sunbathing. It’s a site that I am not used to with such stark contrast all in the naked eyes view. This is what it is like in the summertime of Zurich- snowy views while you spend the day by the water.

On our adventure through this clean and modern country, we experienced both sides of this image. Starting here, in the heart of Zurich- a design capital, home to one of Switzerland’s largest lakes, and the banking capital of the world. Then later traveling the Glacier Express to Zermatt to catch a glimpse of the always snowy Matterhorn.

Swiss Water Fountain
Zurich’s Water Fountains


Voted in many different polls as one of the top 5 best places… in the WORLD to live, I can see why. Here you will find an accessible lifestyle, with public transportation ready to take you anywhere. Not to mention over 1,000 public water fountains throughout the streets, so don’t forget your water bottle. They truly discourage the purchase of plastic water bottles, at one point we bought one for 5 Swiss Francs.

Museum of Design

We went to so many lovely places here. One thing I would love to share is their Design Museum. As this is a large capital for design in the world you would be right to guess that this museum was stocked with outstanding material. During our visit, they had a special protest exhibit on display that I really admired. Showing times throughout history where people needed to stand up and say what was wrong, times where governments around the world were not doing what was right. Here we found the works of some of the world’s most famous street artists, things we have all seen and things that were eye-opening. Stop in if you get the chance!

Lindhoff Hill

We spent time with a view. Admiring this beautiful waterfront city, at Lindhoff Hill. A little bit of a hike through a sweet historic area of town with classic Swiss architecture and flags lining the street. Fun fact, Switzerland is one of two places with a square flag, the other being Vatican City.




Zurich is rich with a history deep in feminism, human rights, and general human good. This is a place where many artists took refuge during a war that they could not stand behind, they fleed here in the hopes of changing the future and spreading a different word. Here is where the birth of Dada art begins, here at the famous Cabaret Voltaire.

As for me, I will definitely be back to this city. I am an artist at heart. Someone who enjoys the water and any time spent near it is time well spent. With such a healthy lifestyle I can’t imagine anyone ever leaving this gem of a city.


  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Romansch

Must Do:

  • Taking the public transit (everywhere)
  • Lindhoff Hill
  • Museum of Design
  • Time by the Lake
  • Mount Uteilburg

Don’t Bother:

  • Shopping- unless you want to spend a fortune
  • Church tours- No pictures are allowed inside and they are quite modest compared to many through Europe (especially Italy)

Happy travels my friends and as always live lightly, and love courageously my dear readers.


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