Holiday Gift Guide to Shopping Small

Craft fair

Small Business Saturday

This holiday I’m going to make an effort to shop smaller. Here is a little list of some awesome boutiques that have handmade items that is sure to make someone on your list a happy camper.

Christmas Ornaments

  1. Macrame Snowflakes! Mini Wall hangings whatever makes your heart sing, I hope you will find a little piece to help you decorate this season in my shop.
    Star Macrame Ornament
  2. The Blushing Script– Lindsey is a calligrapher who helps to make every occasion special for her clients, whether you are celebrating a new baby, your first Christmas in a new home, or your furry best friend she’s got you covered. She overs specialized ornaments for any occasion that you are celebrating this Christmas season. Not to mention she is a talented weaver, putting a creative and sarcastic spin on her pieces. Check out her instagram: @theblushingscript
  3. Nat and Yarn Co.- Natalie makes beautiful and unique women items. She has some lovely woven ornaments available now. She seems to always been working on something new, check her out and see just what she is working on these days. Check out her instagram: @natandyarn


  1. Small Pop Co. makes lightweight polymer clay earrings in fun shapes and colors to help add that “small pop” of joy to every day! If you’re looking for the most stylish and in earrings this season, you are absolutely going to want a pair of these for the holiday season! Small Pop Co. was created by Morgana Gordon in the lovely town of Aliso Viejo, California. Check out her instagram: @smallpopcoHandmade Clay Earrings
  2. Like Wildflower is a small business committed to creating pieces by hand and with a lot of love. We strive to design unique pieces for any occasion that our customers are proud to wear.

    Like Wildflower was created by Emily Hammond, a self-proclaimed millennial-hippie who rather have wildflowers over roses, an artist who struggles with owning that title, and a woman who simply believes that love conquers all. Check out her instagram: @likewildflower

    Tassel Dangle Earrings

  3. Olive Branch Studio– If you haven’t seen tassel earrings then be prepared to fall in love- these are adorable and versatile. I wish I could buy a set in each color, so pretty. Check her out if you have been dying to get your hands on a pair. Check out her instagram: @olivebranchstudio

    Colorful Tassel Earrings

  4. Radically You My earrings are available this Christmas and I would love to brighten someone on your lists special day. I love the holiday season and everything that comes with it, I identify as an elf. I wait all year to have this special time to help make others feel special and to come together with family and friends. Wishing you the best this year! Check out my Instagram: @imradicallyjess


  1. Dazey LA– Shop everything you need if you are an inclusive, feminist, with hopes to help change the fashion industry. This girl boss is doing just that, with her graphic tees with designs meant to start conversations. She has a powerful message and urges all shakers to push themselves to see the change we want to find in this world. Shop her this holiday season, to promote the change we need in this world. Check out their Instagram: @Dazey_LA
  2. Dear Handmade Life– This fantastic business just came out with there first graphic tees and man are they killing it with these adorable tees with sayings all about the creative in all of us. If you are a maker of any sort you are sure to want one this holiday. Get them while they last, the designs are retro and colorful. Love the style! Check out their Instagram: @dearhandmadelife

All of the other awesome things you will love

  1. Pilchman Ceramics– I love these adorable tiny pots that Sara hand throws in Long Beach, CA. Each tiny pot has a unique and quirky style to it, but one thing is certain they are all absolutely adorable. This is the designer of my ceramic candle line, I love her traditional ceramic look that is earthy and real. Check out her instagram: @Sarapilchmanceramics
  2. The Authentic Woman’s “Feel it in your Bones” only $9.99 for this young entrepreneur’s first guided journal where she celebrates female empowerment and helps us reconnect with our deepest sense of being. She inspires me every day with her beautifully curated Instagram feed and her message behind this brand, to be authentically yourself. Check out their Instagram: @TheAuthenticWomanSeries

If you don’t see anything that sticks out to your here, try stopping into your local small business today or check out Etsy to shop from the comfort of your home! Whatever you do today, I hope you have an awesome day and remember that when you support small, it makes a big difference.

Girl Boss Up

All makers and shakers listed are lady run. Support those who stand for something, those who work hard to make a difference in our economy and world as a whole.

As always dear readers, live lightly and love courageously.

One response to “Holiday Gift Guide to Shopping Small”

  1. I love this! I’ve been trying to make an effort to become a more conscious consumer – to take care of our earth, to make sure my purchases are ethical, to support amazing ladies of small business like yourself, and to keep my purchases meaningful! I’m by no means perfect on this, but it’s created this fun search for each item that makes each of the things I purchase that much more special. Keep it up!

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