Embrace Your Creativity

Embrace Your Creativity

Are you a creative little hummingbird? Do you remember all of the crafts you have made throughout the years? Do you remember all those many hours spent as a child watching your grandmother knit sweaters for everyone in the kin?

Well, I know I remember a lot of that. I recall long hours spent making bracelets as a little girl, long hours that are so beloved. I remember spending time with my Great Aunt (another grandma to my brothers and me) as she would plan projects and put together creative ideas. How lovely that time was.

Hands of a Maker

What I think we have trouble with is that we just think of ourselves as “hobbyists,” we look down upon ourselves for this, but why? Why do we think what we create is not enough, not worth sharing, not worth remembering, and most certainly not worth selling to others. Too often we- especially us women- dismiss our strengths and our talents. We look at the things that we do in our spare time as less than and unimportant, well I for one am ready for a change, I am ready for women to start empowering each other and ourselves. I think we are all moving towards this mentality, with the growing #makersmovement on Instagram and with Etsy having the most sales in 2018 they ever have. I think we see the value in handmade and one-of-a-kind goods.

So I’m here to help empower you, whether you are a knitter, a crocheter, a weaver, a painter, a jewelry maker, a seamstress, a macramer, a potter, a florist, or any other creator, what you make is beautiful because it came from your hands into this world. You spent time developing this skill and making something of it and that is so worthy of being remembered. What you make is unique and lovely. Don’t you go belittling it!

What you make is so lovely

I would love to see a picture or hear about your most recent project. I think it is a huge growth opportunity to reflect on all of the work you put into a project, the best way to get better is to compare your work with your previous work. Here are a few questions I like to look at to remember my projects and all the hours of love I put into each one of them.

Maker Questions

Name of Project:
Time Spent on project:
Who was this for?:
Positive Reflection:
Chance for improvement:
Maker’s Notes:

These are just a couple of points that are helpful and enjoyable to reflect on after completing a creative project. I would love to see how you use this technique to look back on your creative process, feel free to direct message me or comment below about your creative endeavors.

Your Creativity is Enough

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Thank you to each of you who have already taken time to participate.

As always, live lightly and love courageously my dear readers.

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