Maker’s Feature: Slow Evenings Embroidery

If you have been following along with my recent series, you will know that I am handing the spotlight over to other maker’s to show all of the amazing things that are happening in this community. Today, I have the chance to share a peek with you into a lovely Polish woman’s embroidery journey. Currently, Miriam lives in lovely France.

Slow Living is so Lovely

Miriam started Slow Evenings Embroidery as an outlet for herself after all of the hustle and bustle of being UX designer during the day and looking for a way to embrace slow living. Miriam says how she, I absolutely love all kinds of fiber arts, I started with embroidery, but at the beginning of the year I picked up weaving and macrame and I absolutely loved them as well. I guess I’m so attracted to them because I love the slow way of living and embroidery and other fiber arts are such slow crafts.


I was surprised to find out how recently Miriam started learning this craft, having only just begun less than a year ago. What a fun place to start following another creative’s journey. I know I can’t wait to see what she thinks up and I always look forward to seeing all of the growth of another fiber artist.

Connection over Competition

Slow Evenings Embroidery didn’t take long to get its footing. Miriam says how she has found the fiber community and specifically the embroidery community to be very welcoming and helpful. It’s lovely to see how different communities are learning to band together and support one another in unique ways via social media. I myself have found great support through Instagram and all of the connection that can be made via our phones.

Embroidery is a different story, the ideas for new designs just come to me and I always have a couple of notebook at hand so I can sketch the ideas quickly. I also love the process of embroidering, watching the piece slowly take shape, the sound of a thread being pulled through the textile. Working with fibers is very rewarding to me, maybe because the material is so beautiful and soft and making things with it gives me so much joy.

img_20181207_1641361Project Questions

Date: December 8th- 9th, 2018
Name of Project: Plant Lady vol.1
Time Spent on Project: Two evenings- about 8 hours. However, Miriam doesn’t really count the time exactly which she spends on each embroidering, but this was a relatively quick piece by embroidery standards.
Project Technique: Various embroidery stitches: satin stitch, french knots, stem stitch. She likes to combine them to play with textures and use different stitches for different elements. For the sweater, I changed the color and the size of french knots for the elements in the foreground and background to add more depth. While embroidering the plant I used different stitches to give the impression of the structure of the leaves and stems. I did many layers of single thread satin stitch to really make the hair look raised as a real bun would.
Who is this for: I didn’t have a person in mind while making the plant lady, I did it for the pure joy of making things. In my opinion, this is the best reason to make anything. -Jess
Positive Reflection: As I, Miriam, work in web design I’m surrounded with beautiful web illustrations and I wanted to embroider something in a similar aesthetic. I really love how it turned out because adding textures gave the illustration even more personality.
Chance for improvement: She wants to improve the back of her hoop, the back can get a bit messy with embroidery.

Minimalist Plant Lady Embroidery
Plant Lady Vol. 1

Finding your Creative Voice

Every embroidery piece I make gives me more confidence in my creative abilities. I always thought I’m not a very creative person because I didn’t fit the usual creativity definition: I couldn’t draw very well and I didn’t come up with brilliant ideas on the spot when pushed by my boss. Changing my career path and finding my passion for textile art was game-changing for me. I found my outlet and now creating comes naturally. If you think that you’re not creative because you can’t draw/sing/write just keep searching for your medium. Try new things, enroll in a class and you might find your passion as I did.

Find Slow Evenings Embroidery on the internet:
Etsy (In the making)

Now if you are like me you, it’s probably time for some making. I hope you choose to share with me all about your own creative journey, I can’t wait to see how you grow through your experiences. If you are looking for more inspiration, I also have a feature about Garden Study Ceramics, a lovely ceramics studio in San Diego. My worksheet for makers can be found here and I would love for you to fill it out and share with me about one of your projects.

As always dear reader, live lightly and love courageously, until next time.

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2 responses to “Maker’s Feature: Slow Evenings Embroidery”

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  2. […] into a beautiful San Diego woman’s ceramics studio and how she makes a monstera leaf tray. Slow Evenings Embroidery – Miriam shows us how she embraces slow living and crafts a life she loves in the moments […]


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