Maker’s Feature: The Happy Home Collective

I had the honor of interviewing with a lovely artist who combines all of this into each of her wall hangings.

Floral + Crochet + Macrame + Weave

I love learning about other makers and finding out where their creative paths have led them through life. For this young mother of two, she has a long history through different creative explorations of their own. Caroline Langford lives on the Central Coast of California and finds that to her creating new pieces is her version of self- care and rejuvenates her, which is especially important with two youngsters.

Caroline started her creative journey in 5th grade when she learned to knit and crochet and she hasn’t put the needles down since.  Caroline says, “I love all things fiber and instantly fell in love with macrame when I learned it in the summer of 2018. I’ve always loved braiding (I was the girl braiding her entire team’s heads through middle and high school), so macrame just makes sense to me and has been so fun to experiment with. I love how versatile it is in being able to create nearly any project if you know your knots and the basics of design (very similar to crochet, in my opinion). And I still have so much more to learn!” I agree with Caroline, macrame is so fun and this is a story I can relate to, as soon as I picked up macrame I haven’t been able to put it down.

Floral Love

Caroline gushes over her love for all things floral: “I also love flowers and have loved any kind of floral art for a while now! I first became fascinated with floral bouquet art when I was pregnant with my daughter and I won an Instagram giveaway for a custom bouquet painting by Bari J. (one of my favorite artists)! My attempt to preserve my wedding bouquet was an epic fail (think lots of mold), so I was so blown away when I won a custom painting of my wedding bouquet – it’s one of my most treasured possessions! When I saw people using macrame to make leaves and weaving to make flowers, I knew that was a skill I wanted to pursue. Knowing how to crochet has contributed to the process as well.”

Caroline jokes that it is hard for her not to have a project in hand these days when watching a movie. I like to think of us crafters and makers as having busy hands and Caroline seems to fit the profile.

Project Questions


Date: 12/5/18
Name of Project: My Wedding Bouquet Wall Hanging
Time Spent: Around 8 hours
Project Technique: Macrame, crochet, + a little weaving
Who did you make this for?: Myself! With the intent of making similar projects for others in the future.
image4Positive Reflection: I achieved my goal! I set out to make a fiber representation of my wedding bouquet and I accomplished it. This project challenged me to think of new ways to make flowers since my actual bouquet was composed of so many different types and colors of flowers. There were multiple points where I undid things I had done to make them a little differently, which is something I don’t love doing but am glad I did. Completing this project was one of those moments when I stood back and thought, “Wow, I’m an artist!”
Chance for improvement: I want to continue to experiment with other materials and techniques in making the flowers and leaves. For this project, I only used materials that I already had, so some of the colors aren’t a perfect match. In the future, I plan to expand my supply stash with even more color options for specific pieces like this. I’m also hoping to experiment with new background designs, that are beautiful yet simple enough that they don’t detract from the bouquet.

Wedding Bouquet Keepsakes for a Lifetime

Caroline loves that she has been able to marry together a few of her favorite creative outlets to craft such unique and lovely pieces. I am so amazed at the way each of her pieces comes out lovelier than the last, her attention to detail, and creative use of different materials. Caroline is excited that she is able to make a lovely wall hanging for her clients as well as help to commemorate such an important day for her clients. I love that she is looking for fun new ideas of how to incorporate things from the wedding day to make each piece even more special. She would love to experiment with adding pieces of the bridal veil and dress to her future pieces.

Caroline especially loves that she has the opportunity to make things that are so customized to each client. This gives her the opportunity to work closely with the person who is receiving the piece throughout the process to help make sure that she is making something that they will love for years to come. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with how Caroline makes each of these pieces, if you want to find her around the internet you can find her here:

Maker’s Series

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As always dear readers, live lightly and love courageously, until next time.

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  1. Very unique and pretty!


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