Reasons to love Fall

Fall Mornings spent reading with coffee

I know, I know it’s only August and please don’t get me wrong, I love summer! However, the fact that Fall is around the corner excites me and I have to tell you what I am most looking forward to! I am a sucker for fall and especially fall style!


There is something seriously thrilling about September, the leaves change, all your favorite shows start back up, and everyone goes back to school. To me, the start of the school year has always been sort of another new years celebration. It’s another opportunity for a life-changing start, where you never know what you will learn or how you will grow. Fall in many ways is a season of fresh starts. Which is absolutely magical to me.

This year, I  will be going back to school- both to work and to learn. So here is my list of what to look forward to this (and every) Autumn season.

4 Things I love about Fall

  1. PSL

    That’s right, this former Starbucks employee actually likes pumpkin spice. It’s something you are shamed for if you work there, but I am here to stand in my own truth… it’s DELICIOUS! Where do you stand do you love it or do you steer clear?

  2. Big Scarves & Comfy Clothes

    I am all about throwing on a scarf with any outfit at this time of year. I almost feel underdressed during the months of October and November if I don’t have a scarf on. So here’s something that is so funny here in California, we totally do all of this, even though the temperature probably only changes 10 degrees from our summer days. Hey, we’re just like the rest of the country, we look forward to Fall fashion and comfortable clothes after wearing shorts all summer long. It gets even weirder when it’s 70 degrees in December and I see people in hats and a winter coat. I guess if you can’t beat them join them.

  3. Apple Picking

    Something I learned growing up in the Midwest, nothing beats the freshness of a handpicked fruit, especially apples! My personal go-to is the pink lady- they are tart with a crisp crunch in every bite.  I truly never thought I would miss that, but I am here to tell you, folks, I miss it like crazy! The cherries, the strawberries, the pumpkins, and most of all the apples, ready to pick at your local farm.

  4. Back-to-School Season

    Who am I? Well, I’m a future teacher so naturally, I love the idea of school supplies back in stock at every Target in the States. When I was a kid, I always got excited the moment I saw those back-to-school signs at the store. It meant I would have the chance to pick out new folders and notepads for the school year to come.




3 Things I dislike about Fall

  1. Football Season

    I’m all for a pick-up game of any sport and getting to join in on the fun, but watching has never been something I could get into. Sometimes, I do wish I liked it, I mean I like aspects of the season that’s for sure. AKA I love the drinks, food, and hanging out with friends, but I’m just more of a soccer gal I guess.

  2. Haunted Houses

    Believe this does not come without a whole lot of trying to love these. I swear I tried, I went to many of these in my teen years and I suffered through trying, but they are just not for me. I am really jumpy and can not suffer another self-induced stressful situation this fall.

  3. Scary Movies

    I know this goes hand in hand with the above, but I can not stress enough how much being scared is not for me. My mind creates enough stories of its own, I do not need any extra help. I have watched enough of these too, for my mind to run completely wild with ideas when given the chance.

4 Fashion Trends

  1. Wide-Legged Jeans

    I am loving this look if you haven’t noticed from all of my recent outfits! This style is great, you can dress it up or down so easily. I wear mine with a crop top on the weekends and during the week I pair them with a pair of flats and a tucked-in blouse for a more refined work style.

  2. Knee-length Coats

    A big comfy coat is something we all need! Something to doll up any outfit and to keep us warm from the changing weather of fall. And yes, the bigger the better in this case!

  3. Colors to wear: Burnt Orange + Rust

    Just think of it this way, it’s a way prettier version of camo to blend in with all of the changing leaves this season. Other colors that I love for fall are tan and olive green, a nice knee-length coat is a great staple that can carry you through the end of the year.

  4. Statement jewelry + Accessories

    Ok, ok, this is a recurring fashion almost staple for me! I love having big pieces of jewelry to go with simple outfits and spice them up. A good necklace or pair of earrings can make a whole outfit come together in my eyes.




A quick tip: Shopping second hand is an environmentally conscious choice.

Goodwill has some awesome finds, run to your nearest they are constantly getting diamonds in the rough dropped off! You truly never know what you will find, not to mention the fashion industry is a huge culprit of irresponsible waste management and not abiding by fair labor practices.

Join in the convo!

That’s all for now, until next time my friends live lightly and love courageously.

3 responses to “Reasons to love Fall”

  1. Love love LOVE autumn! I am digging wide-legged jeans also, I’m looking for just the right pair for me still – and girl, I HEAR you on football season. My husband used to just be a basketball guy and I was all for it, but he has adopted fantasy football into his life and now it is football NON.STOP. I wish I liked it more!
    Not a fan of the PSL but you can catch me sipping a caramel brûlée latte so soon! I hope you’re enjoying your autumn!

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  2. Great play’s agree 100% on the scary movie opine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad someone does, because I think a lot of folks are going to disagree. Haha. Here comes fall, are you looking forward to it!?


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