Steps to a better morning routine

I still have time to make it.
Oh sh*t, get up now and go, we are so going to be late… again!

Does this sound relatable to you? Is this you time and time again? Well, I can’t say I am above this, but I can show you an idea of what a manageable and proactive morning looks like for me. This is especially important to me with the beginning of the school year approaching quickly.

Just to own up, I have had a slower start to most of my mornings lately, after all, it’s summer and I am soaking it up. Here’s what mornings look like for me right now, wake up around 7 and take it easy, make some coffee, clean the dishes, and make the bed. You know what else though? This has made me extremely groggy, go figure. So I am ready to switch on my magic creating morning routine again. Are you? So get ready to hold me accountable.

Here are the key steps to my Perfect AM Refresh. *If you have kids, I totally understand this may not be manageable in your season of life, but if not get ready to take some notes.

3 Reasons you need a morning routine:

  1. Slow starts to the day help to lower your anxiety levels around daily tasks.
  2. Remind you what is important to you.
  3. It helps to fight those morning groggy feelings.

My Favorite Morning Routine


Wake up at 6 AM: Quick stretch 5 minutes. Make sure to start the coffee during this. We use a french press, so it’s time to start the water boiling and grind some beans.

6:10 AM: Finish the coffee and read for about 15- 20 minutes. Or if you prefer to write, this is a great alternative way to start your day.

6:30 AM: Perfect time to have a small breakfast, for me granola bar or cereal is a good start. During this time I will also put together a lunch. My typical lunch includes veggies and hummus, a fruit (or two), yogurt, sparkling water, and a sandwich. Simple sweet and pretty much the same thing I would pack for my kiddo if I had one going off to school. I also typically tidy up the kitchen at this time, empty the dishwasher and wash any straggling dishes.

6:45 AM: Tend to the beast or in other words it is my cute Aussie’s turn for some love and attention. First up, he wants some grub. Then, we go out for a short walk around the neighborhood to take care of business. This time of day has a rosy glow to it that just brightens my day, plus I feel like I see hummingbirds the most at this time of day. Which I believe carry a whole lot of magic in those little wings.




Make your Bed

7 AM: Make the bed after everyone has risen for the day. I have a few non- negotiable cleaning habits. I am not the type to fold the laundry as soon as it comes out of the wash, but best believe every day I make our bed!

7:10 AM: Start to get myself ready to leave. Time to do my hair, makeup (don’t forget your facial moisturizer with SPF), and get dressed in clothes for the day. I also throw a few things into my gym back for after work.

7:45 AM: Leave the house for the day.

Get to work refreshed and ready around 8 AM.

Get started Early

This isn’t too complicated and that’s just how I like it. I want to have a manageable start to my day that gives me some time for myself and to breathe. It’s great to give myself this time before I move into the rest of my day, which includes taking care of kids in a classroom setting.

Get creative and add your own spice, this is a template that works for me. But what works best for you? What is most important to you? Include those things and do what works to bring light and liveliness into each of your days. Your morning routine should create space for you to start your day on a good foot. To take a deep breathe into what you have to do for the day and to take a moment to dig into who you are.

Keys to Any Great AM Routine

  1. Wake-up earlier than you are used to, it’s important to not feel rushed.
  2. Give yourself a creative outlet
  3. Get a little movement in your body
  4. A good cup of coffee or tea

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Are you a morning person? Do you want to become a morning person? Have you heard all about the impact a magical morning can have on your life?

As always my dear friends, live lightly and love courageously.

Radical steps to a girl's perfect morning (1)

Radical steps to a girl's perfect morning

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