Finding peace on the open road.

Hi, I’m Jess!

I’m an adventure seeking millennial who loves to get creative. I live full time in a camper van with my partner (John) and our Australian shepherd- Little Russell Crowe. We are a couple of fun loving hippie types who enjoy nothing more than getting out into nature, exploring new cities, and we hope to share that with you here. You can follow along with our adventures  on Instagram too.

In 2017, we left our home state of Michigan and fell in love as we fell for our new home in Southern California. California will always have our heart, but last year we bought a van and knew it was time for our next adventure. Follow along as we explore this beautiful country of ours, in our camper van.

A newlywed couple from California turned van life couple.

You can shop my handmade macrame goods here. You will find unique pieces and I love to create custom pieces, message me anytime if you would like something custom made for your home. I like to say I have busy hands and tend to have a creative project going at all times. For the past few years, I have been really exploring macrame, but recently I have dug into the art of crocheting.

I hope you will find something that inspires you to stay curious and get creative in this big beautiful world here. 


A small family with their beloved dog.
Our little family.
John and Jessica.
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