Life lessons from an evolving 20 something-year-old and the many misadventures that young adulthood may bring me in my adventures starting my own small business.

Living the maker life in California with hometown Midwestern vibes.

Russell Crowe The Aussie

Creative- type.

Age: 24
Sign: Aquarius
Food: Cheese, all kinds
Drink: Coffee
Dog: Little Russell Crowe
Instagram: imradicallyjess
Etsy: Radicallyyou

I am inspired most by open-minded, wanderers who look to challenge the status quo and create their own version of an ideal life. Those who are kind and avoid passing judgment on others.

I hope to write things that you, my readers can relate to and enjoy.

We are wonderstruck and we are free.

Live out loud.


Alien Rocks
Sedona, AZ