Hi, I’m Jess! Most weekends you’ll find me bopping around at a local makers market selling my modern bohemian home good items. I make small batch hand-poured soy candles and funky macrame pieces, so I’m sure I’ve got what you need.

My hands are always busy, between studying to become a teacher, playing with my crazy Aussie, and making all of the things, I don’t have a lot of downtime. If I do get a spare moment, you’ll probably catch me stopping in at a local coffee shop or planning a quick weekend getaway for John and me to take some time to do what we love- explore. After all, the two of us are just a couple of free-spirited nomad hippie types, living and loving life as it comes.

If you take a little while to surf around here, you’ll find some of my nearest and dearest life lessons from me, an evolving 20 something-year-old and some of those classic misadventures that young adulthood brings my way. You will also find out more about my creative journey through fiber arts and running a handmade business of my own.

Running a grassroots business isn’t easy, but then again the best things in life never are. If you love handmade goods, soul-searching, or have hopes to travel the world, you’re in the right place. So take a look around and let me know what you think, I would love to chat with you.

Living the maker life in California carrying around my Midwestern vibes wherever I go.

Russell Crowe The Aussie

Creative- type. Adventurous. Curious. Open-Minded.

Age: 25
Sign: Aquarius
Food: Cheese
Drink: Coffee & Beer
Dog: Little Russell Crowe
Instagram: imradicallyjess
Etsy: Radicallyyou

I am inspired most by open-minded, wanderers who look to challenge the status quo and create their own version of an ideal life. Those who are kind and avoid passing judgment on others, these are my people. The members of my family are some of my number one supporters who I am so lucky to have and I might be biased, but I got dealt the best hand.

I hope to write things that will inspire you to chase dreams, take opportunities, and most of all love yourself.

Live lightly & Love Courageously.